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Kentmore Side Table UttermostKentmore Side Table Uttermost
Kentmore Side Table Sale price$415.80
Firth Bench Navy UttermostFirth Bench Navy Uttermost
Firth Bench Navy Sale price$402.60
Firth Bench White UttermostFirth Bench White Uttermost
Firth Bench White Sale price$402.60
Masika Drink Table UttermostMasika Drink Table Uttermost
Masika Drink Table Sale price$272.80
Beacon Accent Table UttermostBeacon Accent Table Uttermost
Beacon Accent Table Sale price$204.60
Auryon Accent Table UttermostAuryon Accent Table Uttermost
Auryon Accent Table Sale price$327.80
Save $12.00Iron Accent Table UttermostIron Accent Table Uttermost
Iron Accent Table Sale price$228.00 Regular price$240.00
Save $199.00Iron Nesting Tables UttermostIron Nesting Tables Uttermost
Iron Nesting Tables Sale price$376.00 Regular price$575.00
Catali Ivory Stone Console Table UttermostCatali Ivory Stone Console Table Uttermost
Butler Drink Table UttermostButler Drink Table Uttermost
Butler Drink Table Sale price$261.80
Leno Armless Dining Chairs (S/2) UttermostLeno Armless Dining Chairs (S/2) Uttermost
Brisban Accent Chair UttermostBrisban Accent Chair Uttermost
Brisban Accent Chair Sale price$1,229.80
Voker White Geometric End Table UttermostVoker White Geometric End Table Uttermost
Volker White Geometric Table UttermostVolker White Geometric Table Uttermost
Volker White Geometric Table Sale price$1,207.80
Gold Beaco Accent Table UttermostGold Beaco Accent Table Uttermost
Gold Beaco Accent Table Sale price$204.60
Catorei 2 Door Cabinet UttermostCatorei 2 Door Cabinet Uttermost
Catorei 2 Door Cabinet Sale price$979.00
Champagne Haider Bucket Chair UttermostChampagne Haider Bucket Chair Uttermost
Ivanna Counter Stool (Black) UttermostIvanna Counter Stool (Black) Uttermost
Lass Drink Table UttermostLass Drink Table Uttermost
Lass Drink Table Sale price$308.00
Mallorie Swivel Chair UttermostMallorie Swivel Chair Uttermost
Mallorie Swivel Chair Sale price$1,023.00
Conn Accent Stool UttermostConn Accent Stool Uttermost
Conn Accent Stool Sale price$411.40
Han Side Table UttermostHan Side Table Uttermost
Han Side Table Sale price$547.80
Hesper Console Cabinet UttermostHesper Console Cabinet Uttermost
Hesper Console Cabinet Sale price$1,009.80
Sund Accent Stool UttermostSund Accent Stool Uttermost
Sund Accent Stool Sale price$193.60
Cole White 3 Drawer Geometric Chest UttermostCole White 3 Drawer Geometric Chest Uttermost
Water Gray Accent Chair UttermostWater Gray Accent Chair Uttermost
Water Gray Accent Chair Sale price$1,177.00
Colbert Charcoal Swivel Chair UttermostColbert Charcoal Swivel Chair Uttermost
Colbert Charcoal Swivel Chair Sale price$1,273.80
Sandie Woven Wing Chair UttermostSandie Woven Wing Chair Uttermost
Sandie Woven Wing Chair Sale price$1,383.80
Adrian Charcoal Desk Chair UttermostAdrian Charcoal Desk Chair Uttermost
Adrian Charcoal Desk Chair Sale price$811.80
Bridge Writing Desk UttermostBridge Writing Desk Uttermost
Bridge Writing Desk Sale price$1,023.00

Luxury Furniture

Indulge in the opulence and refinement of Modest Hut's collection of Luxury Furniture. These exquisite pieces redefine sophistication and elevate your living spaces to new heights. Each furniture item is meticulously crafted with the finest materials, showcasing impeccable craftsmanship and timeless design. From luxurious sofas to elegant dining sets and iconic accent pieces, our Luxury Furniture collection epitomizes grandeur and exclusivity. Experience the ultimate in comfort, style, and elegance as you create an atmosphere of luxury and prestige in your home.