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Sandie Woven Wing Chair UttermostSandie Woven Wing Chair Uttermost
Sandie Woven Wing Chair Sale price$1,383.80
Donya Wingback Accent Chair UttermostDonya Wingback Accent Chair Uttermost
Donya Wingback Accent Chair Sale price$1,075.80
Salan Wing Chair UttermostSalan Wing Chair Uttermost
Salan Wing Chair Sale price$1,181.40
Galiot Costal Wingback Chair UttermostGaliot Costal Wingback Chair Uttermost
Galiot Coastal Wingback Chair Sale price$1,427.80
Daxton Wing Chair UttermostDaxton Wing Chair Uttermost
Daxton Wing Chair Sale price$635.80
Rioni Tufted Wing Chair UttermostRioni Tufted Wing Chair Uttermost
Rioni Tufted Wing Chair Sale price$943.80
Brisban Accent Chair UttermostBrisban Accent Chair Uttermost
Brisban Accent Chair Sale price$1,229.80
Hobart Swivel Chair UttermostHobart Swivel Chair Uttermost
Hobart Swivel Chair Sale price$1,053.80
Aegea Accent Chair (Woven Rattan) UttermostAegea Accent Chair (Woven Rattan) Uttermost
Jacobsen Barrel Chair UttermostJacobsen Barrel Chair Uttermost
Jacobsen Barrel Chair Sale price$1,053.80
Rehema Natural Woven Bohemian Armchair UttermostRehema Natural Woven Bohemian Armchair Uttermost
Wills Brass Brushed Armchair UttermostWills Brass Brushed Armchair Uttermost
Wills Brass Brushed Armchair Sale price$1,317.80
Champagne Haider Bucket Chair UttermostChampagne Haider Bucket Chair Uttermost
Gray Brunei Modern Accent Chair UttermostGray Brunei Modern Accent Chair Uttermost
Lyle Open Back Armchair UttermostLyle Open Back Armchair Uttermost
Lyle Open Back Armchair Sale price$1,053.80
Charlotta Club Chair UttermostCharlotta Club Chair Uttermost
Charlotta Club Chair Sale price$1,097.80
Bev Scandinavian Armchair UttermostBev Scandinavian Armchair Uttermost
Bev Scandinavian Armchair Sale price$939.40
Brunei White Accent Chair UttermostBrunei White Accent Chair Uttermost
Brunei White Accent Chair Sale price$1,075.80
Colbert Charcoal Swivel Chair UttermostColbert Charcoal Swivel Chair Uttermost
Colbert Charcoal Swivel Chair Sale price$1,273.80
Anders Black Onyx Accent Chair UttermostAnders Black Onyx Accent Chair Uttermost
Anders Black Onyx Accent Chair Sale price$1,031.80
Natural Encore Armchair UttermostNatural Encore Armchair Uttermost
Natural Encore Armchair Sale price$1,207.80
Conroy Olive Accent Chair UttermostConroy Olive Accent Chair Uttermost
Janie Retro Accent Chair UttermostJanie Retro Accent Chair Uttermost
Janie Retro Accent Chair Sale price$1,062.60
White Klismos Accent Chair (S/2) UttermostWhite Klismos Accent Chair (S/2) Uttermost
Dree Chenille Accent Chair UttermostDree Chenille Accent Chair Uttermost
Dree Chenille Accent Chair Sale price$635.80
Idris Accent Chair UttermostIdris Accent Chair Uttermost
Idris Accent Chair Sale price$547.80
Adrian Charcoal Desk Chair UttermostAdrian Charcoal Desk Chair Uttermost
Adrian Charcoal Desk Chair Sale price$811.80
Miri Blue Velvet | Set of 2 UttermostMiri Blue Velvet | Set of 2 Uttermost
Miri Blue Velvet | Set of 2 Sale price$1,007.60
Brie Grey Dining Chairs (S/2) UttermostBrie Grey Dining Chairs (S/2) Uttermost
Brie Grey Dining Chairs (S/2) Sale price$1,372.80
Brie Blue Dining Chairs (S/2) UttermostBrie Blue Dining Chairs (S/2) Uttermost

Modern Chairs

Welcome to Modest Hut's exclusive collection of modern chairs. Our chairs are more than just seating; they are a statement of style and comfort. Each piece is a blend of modern design and luxury, crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Our modern chairs are not just functional; they are a testament to the contemporary aesthetic. Experience the fusion of comfort and uniqueness with our collection. There is no shortage at Modest Hut!