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Nicasia Asymmetrical Etagere UttermostNicasia Asymmetrical Etagere Uttermost
Nicasia Asymmetrical Etagere Sale price$2,195.60
Karishma Antique Etagere UttermostKarishma Antique Etagere Uttermost
Karishma Antique Etagere Sale price$1,045.00
Stilo Urban Shelving UttermostStilo Urban Shelving Uttermost
Stilo Urban Shelving Sale price$1,097.80
Rhordyn Pipe Shelving UttermostRhordyn Pipe Shelving Uttermost
Rhordyn Pipe Shelving Sale price$715.00
Delancey Handcrafted Shelving UttermostDelancey Handcrafted Shelving Uttermost
Delancey Handcrafted Shelving Sale price$1,537.80
Stratford Wood Etagere UttermostStratford Wood Etagere Uttermost
Stratford Wood Etagere Sale price$833.80
Uttermost Lindee Wall Shelves Set of 3 UttermostUttermost Lindee Wall Shelves Set of 3 Uttermost
Osborne Iron Book Shelf Park HillOsborne Iron Book Shelf Park Hill
Osborne Iron Etagere Sale price$3,228.00
Lashaya Gold Etagere UttermostLashaya Gold Etagere Uttermost
Lashaya Gold Etagere Sale price$913.00
Olwyn Industrial Etagere UttermostOlwyn Industrial Etagere Uttermost
Olwyn Industrial Etagere Sale price$1,051.60
Greeley Metal Etagere UttermostGreeley Metal Etagere Uttermost
Greeley Metal Etagere Sale price$701.80
Sway Soft Gray Etagere UttermostSway Soft Gray Etagere Uttermost
Sway Soft Gray Etagere Sale price$1,177.00
Aurelie Etagere UttermostAurelie Etagere Uttermost
Aurelie Silver Etagere Sale price$1,045.00
Baldwin Industrial Etagere UttermostBaldwin Industrial Etagere Uttermost
Baldwin Industrial Etagere Sale price$627.00

Modern Bookcases & Shelving

Modern Bookcases & Shelving from Modest Hut will enhance your living areas. These useful yet gorgeous pieces rethink standard storage options and give your house high-end organization and flair. Each shelf unit and bookcase is meticulously crafted, including a variety of materials, finishes, and modern aesthetics. Our Modern Bookcases & Shelving collection offers the ideal fusion of luxury and usability, regardless of your preference for clean lines, cutting-edge designs, or minimalist styles. With our carefully picked range, you can enhance your surroundings and experience the transformational potential of contemporary storage solutions.