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Jacobsen Denim Barrel Chair UttermostJacobsen Denim Barrel Chair Uttermost
Jacobsen Denim Barrel Chair Sale price$965.80
Donya Wingback Accent Chair UttermostDonya Wingback Accent Chair Uttermost
Jacobsen Barrel Chair UttermostJacobsen Barrel Chair Uttermost
Jacobsen Barrel Chair Sale price$1,045.00
Sandie Woven Wing Chair UttermostSandie Woven Wing Chair Uttermost
Sandie Woven Wing Chair Sale price$1,317.80
Champagne Haider Bucket Chair UttermostChampagne Haider Bucket Chair Uttermost
Mallorie Swivel Chair UttermostMallorie Swivel Chair Uttermost
Mallorie Swivel Chair Sale price$1,005.40
Gunmetal Crue Swivel Chair UttermostGunmetal Crue Swivel Chair Uttermost
Gunmetal Crue Swivel Chair Sale price$1,155.00
Jacobsen Gold Barrel Chair UttermostJacobsen Gold Barrel Chair Uttermost
Jacobsen Gold Barrel Chair Sale price$1,141.80
Salan Wing Chair UttermostSalan Wing Chair Uttermost
Salan Wing Chair Sale price$1,180.90
Colbert Charcoal Swivel Chair UttermostColbert Charcoal Swivel Chair Uttermost
Colbert Charcoal Swivel Chair Sale price$1,273.80
Galiot Costal Wingback Chair UttermostGaliot Costal Wingback Chair Uttermost
Galiot Coastal Wingback Chair Sale price$1,317.80
Crue Ivory Swivel Chair UttermostCrue Ivory Swivel Chair Uttermost
Crue Ivory Swivel Chair Sale price$1,155.00
Daxton Wing Chair UttermostDaxton Wing Chair Uttermost
Daxton Wing Chair Sale price$613.80
Hobart Swivel Chair UttermostHobart Swivel Chair Uttermost
Hobart Swivel Chair Sale price$1,053.80
Corben Linen Armchair UttermostCorben Linen Armchair Uttermost
Corben Linen Swivel Chair Sale price$1,097.80
Janie Retro Accent Chair UttermostJanie Retro Accent Chair Uttermost
Janie Retro Accent Chair Sale price$1,062.60
Rioni Tufted Wing Chair UttermostRioni Tufted Wing Chair Uttermost
Rioni Tufted Wing Chair Sale price$877.80
Luxurious Slate Blue Barrel Chair UttermostLuxurious Slate Blue Barrel Chair Uttermost
Anders Black Onyx Accent Chair UttermostAnders Black Onyx Accent Chair Uttermost
Corben White Swivel Armchair UttermostCorben White Swivel Armchair Uttermost
Corben White Swivel Armchair Sale price$1,075.80
Ceylon Wine Barrel Side Table UttermostCeylon Wine Barrel Side Table Uttermost
Arlette Tufted Wing Chair UttermostArlette Tufted Wing Chair Uttermost
Arlette Tufted Wing Chair Sale price$877.80
Capra  Art Deco White Swivel Chair UttermostCapra  Art Deco White Swivel Chair Uttermost
Jacobsen Tan Shearling Barrel Chair UttermostJacobsen Tan Shearling Barrel Chair Uttermost
Corben Blue Swivel Chair UttermostCorben Blue Swivel Chair Uttermost
Corben Blue Swivel Chair Sale price$1,067.00
Swirl Swivel Sheepskin Ottoman UttermostSwirl Swivel Sheepskin Ottoman Uttermost
Jacobson Counter Stool UttermostJacobson Counter Stool Uttermost
Jacobson Counter Stool Sale price$913.00

Wingback & Barrel Chairs

Experience comfort and style with Modest Hut's collection of Wingback & Barrel Chairs. These seating options combine timeless elegance with modern flair, creating a luxurious ambiance in any room. Each chair is meticulously crafted, featuring plush upholstery, ergonomic designs, and exquisite details. Whether you prefer the classic sophistication of a wingback chair or the cozy embrace of a barrel chair, our collection offers a perfect blend of comfort and aesthetics. Immerse yourself in relaxation and elevate your interior with our curated selection of Wingback & Barrel Chairs.