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Maze Blue Wool Rug UttermostMaze Blue Wool Rug Uttermost
Maze Blue Wool Rug Sale priceFrom $496.70
Barhara Hemp (Reversible Rug) UttermostBarhara Hemp (Reversible Rug) Uttermost
Campa Ivory Cotton Rug UttermostCampa Ivory Cotton Rug Uttermost
Campa Ivory Cotton Rug Sale priceFrom $289.90
Sieano, Gray Ivory Rug UttermostSieano, Gray Ivory Rug Uttermost
Sieano, Gray Ivory Rug Sale priceFrom $417.50
Nyla Hand Woven Rug UttermostNyla Hand Woven Rug Uttermost
Nyla Hand Woven Rug Sale priceFrom $322.90
Hampton Gold Rug UttermostHampton Gold Rug Uttermost
Hampton Gold Rug Sale priceFrom $69.90
Imara Navy Wool Rug UttermostImara Navy Wool Rug Uttermost
Imara Navy Wool Rug Sale priceFrom $406.50
Poneto Traditional Viscose Rug UttermostPoneto Traditional Viscose Rug Uttermost
Poneto Traditional Viscose Rug Sale priceFrom $1,242.50
Ulen Abstract Viscose Rug UttermostUlen Abstract Viscose Rug Uttermost
Ulen Abstract Viscose Rug Sale priceFrom $1,242.50
Hamida Indigo Polyester Rug UttermostHamida Indigo Polyester Rug Uttermost
Hamida Indigo Polyester Rug Sale priceFrom $69.90
Costilla Modern White Rug UttermostCostilla Modern White Rug Uttermost
Costilla Modern White Rug Sale priceFrom $1,858.50
Costilla Modern Gray Rug UttermostCostilla Modern Gray Rug Uttermost
Costilla Modern Gray Rug Sale priceFrom $1,858.50
Clifton Ivory Hand Woven Rug UttermostClifton Ivory Hand Woven Rug Uttermost
Clifton Ivory Hand Woven Rug Sale priceFrom $1,396.50
Salida Gray Wool Rug UttermostSalida Gray Wool Rug Uttermost
Salida Gray Wool Rug Sale priceFrom $395.50
Dumont Gray Rug UttermostDumont Gray Rug Uttermost
Dumont Gray Rug Sale priceFrom $701.30
Kirvin Wool Rug UttermostKirvin Wool Rug Uttermost
Kirvin Wool Rug Sale priceFrom $300.90
Ladoga Modern Rug UttermostLadoga Modern Rug Uttermost
Ladoga Modern Rug Sale priceFrom $476.90
Clifton Gray Hand Woven Rug UttermostClifton Gray Hand Woven Rug Uttermost
Clifton Gray Hand Woven Rug Sale priceFrom $1,418.50
Poneto Traditional Rug UttermostPoneto Traditional Rug Uttermost
Poneto Traditional Rug Sale priceFrom $1,242.50
Paoli Gray Abstract Rug UttermostPaoli Gray Abstract Rug Uttermost
Paoli Gray Abstract Rug Sale priceFrom $459.30
Mesilla Ivory Rug UttermostMesilla Ivory Rug Uttermost
Mesilla Ivory Rug Sale priceFrom $331.70
Bremen Modern Rug UttermostBremen Modern Rug Uttermost
Bremen Modern Rug Sale priceFrom $410.90
La Veta Ivory Rug UttermostLa Veta Ivory Rug Uttermost
La Veta Ivory Rug Sale priceFrom $562.70
Paonia Geometric Rug UttermostPaonia Geometric Rug Uttermost
Paonia Geometric Rug Sale priceFrom $485.70
Makula Natural Jute Rug UttermostMakula Natural Jute Rug Uttermost
Makula Natural Jute Rug Sale priceFrom $957.00
Makula Ivory Jute Rug UttermostMakula Ivory Jute Rug Uttermost
Makula Ivory Jute Rug Sale priceFrom $957.00
Rafael Ivory Wool Rug UttermostRafael Ivory Wool Rug Uttermost
Rafael Ivory Wool Rug Sale priceFrom $1,067.00
Lovelle Ivory Soft Wool Rug UttermostLovelle Ivory Soft Wool Rug Uttermost
Lovelle Ivory Soft Wool Rug Sale priceFrom $473.00
Braxton Beige Rug UttermostBraxton Beige Rug Uttermost
Braxton Beige Rug Sale priceFrom $517.00
Hayden Ivory-Denim Rug UttermostHayden Ivory-Denim Rug Uttermost
Hayden Ivory-Denim Rug Sale priceFrom $844.80


Step onto luxury and comfort with Modest Hut's collection of Rugs. These floor coverings go beyond functionality, adding warmth and style to any room. Each rug is meticulously crafted, featuring exquisite patterns, premium materials, and impeccable craftsmanship. Whether you prefer classic elegance or modern flair, our Rugs offer a perfect blend of beauty and practicality. Experience the softness under your feet and elevate your interior with our curated selection of modern Rugs.