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Ellianna Gold Sculptures UttermostEllianna Gold Sculptures Uttermost
Ellianna Gold Sculptures Sale price$248.60
Hallo Freund Sculpture UttermostHallo Freund Sculpture Uttermost
Hallo Freund Sculpture Sale price$204.60
Paol Mango Wood Sculpture UttermostPaol Mango Wood Sculpture Uttermost
Paol Mango Wooden Sculpture Sale price$217.30
Aluminum Orbit Sculptures UttermostAluminum Orbit Sculptures Uttermost
Aluminum Orbit Sculptures Sale price$217.80
Rily Sphere Sculpture UttermostRily Sphere Sculpture Uttermost
Rily Ring Sculpture Sale price$182.60
Jimena Gold Ring Sculptures (S/2) UttermostJimena Gold Ring Sculptures (S/2) Uttermost
Flying Solo Bird Wall Decor UttermostFlying Solo Bird Wall Decor Uttermost
Flying Solo Bird Wall Decor Sale price$124.90
Camaraderie Hand Molded Figurine UttermostCamaraderie Hand Molded Figurine Uttermost
Save $17.40Tyrannosaurus Scull Sculpture UttermostTyrannosaurus Scull Sculpture Uttermost
Tyrannosaurus Scull Sculpture Sale price$512.60 Regular price$530.00
Six Side Black Nickel Sculptures (S/2) UttermostSix Side Black Nickel Sculptures (S/2) Uttermost
Save $7.99Ellianna Silver Spheres Sculptures (S/2) UttermostEllianna Silver Spheres Sculptures (S/2) Uttermost
Ellianna Silver Spheres Sculptures (S/2) Sale price$242.00 Regular price$249.99
Bronze Playful Pachyderms Figurine UttermostBronze Playful Pachyderms Figurine Uttermost
Summer Breeze Bronze Sculpture UttermostSummer Breeze Bronze Sculpture Uttermost
Propellers Sculptures (S/2) UttermostPropellers Sculptures (S/2) Uttermost
Propellers Sculptures (S/2) Sale price$261.80
Friendship Rustic Gold Sculpture UttermostFriendship Rustic Gold Sculpture Uttermost
Musical Figurines UttermostMusical Figurines Uttermost
Musical Figurines Sale price$252.50
River Boat Sculpture UttermostRiver Boat Sculpture Uttermost
River Boat Sculpture Sale price$127.60
Fall Leaves Champagne Sculpture UttermostFall Leaves Champagne Sculpture Uttermost
Ashlea Wooden Sculptures S/2 UttermostAshlea Wooden Sculptures S/2 Uttermost
Ellianna Crystal Spheres On Black Base,  S/2 UttermostEllianna Crystal Spheres On Black Base,  S/2 Uttermost
Two's Company Sculpture UttermostTwo's Company Sculpture Uttermost
Two's Company Sculpture Sale price$215.60
Better Together Bird Sculptures, S/2 UttermostBetter Together Bird Sculptures, S/2 Uttermost
Tranquility Abstract Sculpture UttermostTranquility Abstract Sculpture Uttermost
Alize White Marble Sculptures (S/3) UttermostAlize White Marble Sculptures (S/3) Uttermost
Nautilus Shell Sculpture UttermostNautilus Shell Sculpture Uttermost
Nautilus Shell Sculpture Sale price$187.00
Remnant Sculptures, Set/2 UttermostRemnant Sculptures, Set/2 Uttermost
Remnant Sculptures, Set/2 Sale price$270.60
Around Again Circular Sculpture UttermostAround Again Circular Sculpture Uttermost
Realm Spherical Brass Sculptures, Set Of 2 UttermostRealm Spherical Brass Sculptures, Set Of 2 Uttermost
Black Flame Sculptures, S/2 UttermostBlack Flame Sculptures, S/2 Uttermost
Black Flame Sculptures, S/2 Sale price$245.90
Pochette Ribbed Sculpture UttermostPochette Ribbed Sculpture Uttermost
Pochette Ribbed Sculpture Sale price$186.50

Sculptures & Finials

Unleash your artistic side with Modest Hut's collection of Modern Sculptures. These captivating pieces of art transcend traditional boundaries, adding a touch of contemporary elegance to your space. Each sculpture is meticulously crafted, showcasing unique forms, textures, and materials. Whether you seek abstract expressions or figurative representations, our Modern Sculptures redefine the boundaries of artistic expression. Experience the beauty of modern art and elevate your interior with our curated selection.