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Cierra Aluminum Vases (S/2) UttermostCierra Aluminum Vases (S/2) Uttermost
Cierra Aluminum Vases (S/2) Sale price$415.80
Tall Taupe Sara Vases (S/2) UttermostTall Taupe Sara Vases (S/2) Uttermost
Tall Taupe Sara Vases (S/2) Sale price$222.20
Modern Marble Tilman Bookends UttermostModern Marble Tilman Bookends Uttermost
Charbel White Coral Bookends UttermostCharbel White Coral Bookends Uttermost
Ettore Black Glass Tray UttermostEttore Black Glass Tray Uttermost
Ettore Black Glass Tray Sale price$169.40
Antiqued Silver Mirrored Bechet Tray UttermostAntiqued Silver Mirrored Bechet Tray Uttermost
Silver Leaf Talmage Tray UttermostSilver Leaf Talmage Tray Uttermost
Silver Leaf Talmage Tray Sale price$246.40
Dough Reclaimed Wood Tray UttermostDough Reclaimed Wood Tray Uttermost
Dough Reclaimed Wood Tray Sale price$217.80
Ciji Ceramic Bowl UttermostCiji Ceramic Bowl Uttermost
Ciji Ceramic Bowl Sale price$173.80
Beveled Mirror Balkan Tray UttermostBeveled Mirror Balkan Tray Uttermost
Beveled Mirror Balkan Tray Sale price$261.80
Natural Teak Leaf Bowl UttermostNatural Teak Leaf Bowl Uttermost
Natural Teak Leaf Bowl Sale price$191.40
Iroquois Earthenware Bowl UttermostIroquois Earthenware Bowl Uttermost
Iroquois Earthenware Bowl Sale price$96.80
Ciji Azule Ceramic Vases (S/2) UttermostCiji Azule Ceramic Vases (S/2) Uttermost
Contemporary Ceramic Riordan Vases UttermostContemporary Ceramic Riordan Vases Uttermost
Kenlie Crackled White Vases (Set of 2) UttermostKenlie Crackled White Vases (Set of 2) Uttermost
Lounging Kid Sphere Bookends UttermostLounging Kid Sphere Bookends Uttermost
Textured Bronze Kylen Vases (S/2) UttermostTextured Bronze Kylen Vases (S/2) Uttermost
Anns Cast Aluminum Bowls (S/3) UttermostAnns Cast Aluminum Bowls (S/3) Uttermost
Geometric Patterned Natch Vases (S/3) UttermostGeometric Patterned Natch Vases (S/3) Uttermost
Tinlei Blown Glass Bowls (S/2) UttermostTinlei Blown Glass Bowls (S/2) Uttermost
Decorative Geometric Klaran Bottles UttermostDecorative Geometric Klaran Bottles Uttermost
Ceramic Cyprien Containers UttermostCeramic Cyprien Containers Uttermost
Ceramic Cyprien Containers Sale price$301.40
Gold Leaf Rosen Fireplace Screen UttermostGold Leaf Rosen Fireplace Screen Uttermost
Karis Emerald Green Boxes UttermostKaris Emerald Green Boxes Uttermost
Karis Emerald Green Boxes Sale price$204.60
Gold Branches Fireplace Screen UttermostGold Branches Fireplace Screen Uttermost
Annabella Decorative Glass Bottles UttermostAnnabella Decorative Glass Bottles Uttermost
Iron and Glass Karter Candleholders (S/3) UttermostIron and Glass Karter Candleholders (S/3) Uttermost
Coral Stone Illini Candleholders UttermostCoral Stone Illini Candleholders Uttermost
Art Deco Box UttermostArt Deco Box Uttermost
Art Deco Box Sale price$209.00
Cypress Evergreen Foliage UttermostCypress Evergreen Foliage Uttermost
Cypress Evergreen Foliage Sale price$228.30

Decorative Accessories

Immerse yourself in the allure of Modest Hut's specially chosen collection of Decorative Accessories. These aren't just ordinary items; they are the epitome of modern luxury and design. Each decorative accessory is a work of art, meticulously crafted to balance aesthetics and style. Our Decorative Accessories are not merely decorative; they are a reflection of contemporary aesthetics. Experience the harmony of beauty and individuality with our collection, each piece handpicked to infuse your home with elegance and sophistication.