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Maxine Midcentury Chandelier UttermostMaxine Midcentury Chandelier Uttermost
Maxine Midcentury Chandelier Sale price$1,375.00
Woodall Wooden Drum Chandelier UttermostWoodall Wooden Drum Chandelier Uttermost
Woodall Wooden Drum Chandelier Sale price$1,045.00
Marinotier Brass Chandelier UttermostMarinotier Brass Chandelier Uttermost
Marinotier Brass Chandelier Sale price$833.80
Valka Chandelier UttermostValka Chandelier Uttermost
Valka Chandelier Sale price$1,251.80
Marlo Antique Chandelier UttermostMarlo Antique Chandelier Uttermost
Marlo Antique Chandelier Sale price$1,084.60
Chet Sputnick Chandelier UttermostChet Sputnick Chandelier Uttermost
Chet Sputnick Chandelier Sale price$1,093.40
Thales Chandelier UttermostThales Chandelier Uttermost
Thales Chandelier Sale price$547.80
Goccia Tear Drop Chandelier UttermostGoccia Tear Drop Chandelier, 6 Lt. Uttermost
Obeliska Elegant Chandelier UttermostObeliska Elegant Chandelier Uttermost
Obeliska Elegant Chandelier Sale price$305.80
Pearsall Rustic Chandelier UttermostPearsall Rustic Chandelier Uttermost
Pearsall Rustic Chandelier Sale price$866.30
Industrial Brookdale Linear Chandelier UttermostIndustrial Brookdale Linear Chandelier Uttermost
Ebony Elegance 8 Light Chandelier UttermostEbony Elegance 8 Light Chandelier Uttermost
Deschutes 8 Light Farmhouse Chandelier UttermostDeschutes 8 Light Farmhouse Chandelier Uttermost
Droplet 16 Light Sputnik Chandelier UttermostDroplet 16 Light Sputnik Chandelier Uttermost
Droplet 11 Light Linear Chandelier UttermostDroplet 11 Light Linear Chandelier Uttermost
Save $113.20Dubois 8 Light Chandelier UttermostDubois, 8 Lt Chandelier Uttermost
Dubois 8 Light Chandelier Sale price$1,845.80 Regular price$1,959.00
Lautoka Rattan 8 Light Chandelier UttermostLautoka Rattan 8 Light Chandelier Uttermost
Maxine Midcentury Chandelier, 15 Lt UttermostMaxine Midcentury Chandelier, 15 Lt Uttermost
Oviform 6 Light Round Chandelier UttermostOviform 6 Light Round Chandelier Uttermost
Welkin 6 Light Modern Chandelier UttermostWelkin 6 Light Modern Chandelier Uttermost
Ellipse 10 Light Dark Bronze Chandelier UttermostEllipse 10 Light Dark Bronze Chandelier Uttermost
Lassen 8 Light Brass Chandelier UttermostLassen 8 Light Brass Chandelier Uttermost

Modern Chandeliers

Illuminate your space with elegance and modern design using Modest Hut's collection of Modern Chandeliers. These captivating light fixtures serve as stunning focal points, combining artistry and functionality. Each chandelier is meticulously crafted to create a mesmerizing ambiance and add a touch of luxury to your home. Experience the beauty of contemporary lighting and elevate your interior with our selection of Modern Chandeliers.