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Beveled Mirror Balkan Tray UttermostBeveled Mirror Balkan Tray Uttermost
Beveled Mirror Balkan Tray Sale price$268.40
Viggo Bronze Trays, Set/2 UttermostViggo Bronze Trays, Set/2 Uttermost
Viggo Bronze Trays, Set/2 Sale price$206.80
Gypsy Terrazzo Trays, Set/2 UttermostGypsy Terrazzo Trays, Set/2 Uttermost
Gypsy Terrazzo Trays, Set/2 Sale price$191.40
Wessex Black Shagreen Tray UttermostWessex Black Shagreen Tray Uttermost
Wessex Black Shagreen Tray Sale price$206.80
Petal Ivory Ricestone Bowl UttermostPetal Ivory Ricestone Bowl Uttermost
Petal Ivory Ricestone Bowl Sale price$184.80
Rose Brushed Gold Trays, S/2 UttermostRose Brushed Gold Trays, S/2 Uttermost
Wessex Gray Tray UttermostWessex Gray Tray Uttermost
Wessex Gray Tray Sale price$206.80
Artisan Antique Gold Trays, S/3 UttermostArtisan Antique Gold Trays, S/3 Uttermost
Essie Pale Gray Bowls S/2 UttermostEssie Pale Gray Bowls S/2 Uttermost
Essie Pale Gray Bowls S/2 Sale price$272.80
Brixton Aged Black Bowl UttermostBrixton Aged Black Bowl Uttermost
Brixton Aged Black Bowl Sale price$184.80
Rastia Terrazzo Bowl UttermostRastia Terrazzo Bowl Uttermost
Rastia Terrazzo Bowl Sale price$239.80
Ruffled Feathers Modern White Bowl UttermostRuffled Feathers Modern White Bowl Uttermost
Aluminum Camilla Tray UttermostAluminum Camilla Tray Uttermost
Aluminum Camilla Tray Sale price$180.40
Tinlei Blown Glass Bowls (S/2) UttermostTinlei Blown Glass Bowls (S/2) Uttermost
Anns Cast Aluminum Bowls (S/3) UttermostAnns Cast Aluminum Bowls (S/3) Uttermost
Silver Leaf Talmage Tray UttermostSilver Leaf Talmage Tray Uttermost
Silver Leaf Talmage Tray Sale price$246.40
Eugene Nickel Plated Tray UttermostEugene Nickel Plated Tray Uttermost
Eugene Nickel Plated Tray Sale price$261.80
Faustina Decorative Boxes UttermostFaustina Decorative Boxes Uttermost
Faustina Decorative Boxes Sale price$283.80
Ettore Black Glass Tray UttermostEttore Black Glass Tray Uttermost
Ettore Black Glass Tray Sale price$173.80
Antiqued Silver Mirrored Bechet Tray UttermostAntiqued Silver Mirrored Bechet Tray Uttermost
Dough Reclaimed Wood Tray UttermostDough Reclaimed Wood Tray Uttermost
Dough Reclaimed Wood Tray Sale price$217.80
Old-World Style Ceramic Bowls UttermostOld-World Style Ceramic Bowls Uttermost
Chikasha Bohemian Bowl UttermostChikasha Bohemian Bowl Uttermost
Chikasha Bohemian Bowl Sale price$182.60
Iroquois Earthenware Bowl UttermostIroquois Earthenware Bowl Uttermost
Iroquois Earthenware Bowl Sale price$96.80
Ciji Ceramic Bowl UttermostCiji Ceramic Bowl Uttermost
Ciji Ceramic Bowl Sale price$173.80
Tenzin Crackled Glaze Bowl UttermostTenzin Crackled Glaze Bowl Uttermost
Tenzin Crackled Glaze Bowl Sale price$140.80


Luxury bowls and trays are decorative and practical products crafted from premium materials. They are intricately designed and crafted to add sophistication to a room as decorative accents.