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Wessex Gray Candleholders, S/2 UttermostWessex Gray Candleholders, S/2 Uttermost
Crystal Pillar Candleholders, Set/2 UttermostCrystal Pillar Candleholders, Set/2 Uttermost
Gold Geometric Mya Candleholder UttermostGold Geometric Mya Candleholder Uttermost
Iron and Glass Karter Candleholders (S/3) UttermostIron and Glass Karter Candleholders (S/3) Uttermost
Stone Gray Strath Candleholders (S/2) UttermostStone Gray Strath Candleholders (S/2) Uttermost
Tilston Gunmetal Candleholders, Set/2 UttermostTilston Gunmetal Candleholders, Set/2 Uttermost
Montauk Ceramic Candleholders, S/2 UttermostMontauk Ceramic Candleholders, S/2 Uttermost
Cassiopeia Blue Glass Candleholders, S/3 UttermostCassiopeia Blue Glass Candleholders, S/3 Uttermost
Ore Candleholders, Set/2 UttermostOre Candleholders, Set/2 Uttermost
Ore Candleholders, Set/2 Sale price$321.20
Ruhi Hurricane Candleholders, S/2 UttermostRuhi Hurricane Candleholders, S/2 Uttermost
Riad Bronze Lantern Candleholder UttermostRiad Bronze Lantern Candleholder Uttermost
Curved Black Pino Candleholders (S/3) UttermostCurved Black Pino Candleholders (S/3) Uttermost
Coral Stone Illini Candleholders UttermostCoral Stone Illini Candleholders Uttermost

Candle Holders

Luxury candle holders can be utilized to lend a touch of luxury and ambiance to a room and can be employed as solo decorative pieces or as part of a wider decor scheme.