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Atwood Wooden Linear Pendant UttermostAtwood Wooden Linear Pendant Uttermost
Myres Wooden Drum Pendant UttermostMyres Wooden Drum Pendant Uttermost
Myres Wooden Drum Pendant Sale price$833.80
Nador Brass Pendant UttermostNador Brass Pendant Uttermost
Nador Brass Pendant Sale price$597.90
Silken Pendant UttermostSilken Pendant Uttermost
Silken Pendant Sale price$437.80
Rosston Mini Pendant UttermostRosston Mini Pendant Uttermost
Rosston Mini Pendant Sale price$411.40
Woven Seagrass Dome Pendant UttermostWoven Seagrass Dome Pendant Uttermost
Woven Seagrass Dome Pendant Sale price$481.80
Cylinder 8 Light Pendant UttermostCylinder 8 Light Pendant Uttermost
Cylinder 8 Light Pendant Sale price$741.40
Holmes Geometric Pendant UttermostHolmes Geometric Pendant Uttermost
Holmes Geometric Pendant Sale price$494.50
Classic Ovala Pendant UttermostClassic Ovala Pendant Uttermost
Classic Ovala Pendant Sale price$413.60
Shimmering Gold Pendant UttermostShimmering Gold Pendant Uttermost
Shimmering Gold Pendant Sale price$562.70
Aarush 5 Light Cluster Pendant UttermostAarush 5 Light Cluster Pendant Uttermost
Mendota 1 Lt. Pendant UttermostMendota 1 Lt. Pendant Uttermost
Mendota 1 Lt. Pendant Sale price$365.20
Jarsdel Pendant UttermostJarsdel Pendant Uttermost
Jarsdel Pendant Sale price$281.60
Venteux Pendant UttermostVenteux Pendant Uttermost
Venteux Pendant Sale price$424.60
Gemblue Pendant UttermostGemblue Pendant Uttermost
Gemblue Pendant Sale price$297.00
Cross Weave Pendant UttermostCross Weave Pendant Uttermost
Cross Weave Pendant Sale price$855.80
Burleson Natural Twine Pendant UttermostBurleson Natural Twine Pendant Uttermost
Blown Glass Calixx Pendant UttermostBlown Glass Calixx Pendant Uttermost
Blown Glass Calixx Pendant Sale price$525.80
Imbuton 1 Light Pendant UttermostImbuton 1 Light Pendant Uttermost
Imbuton 1 Light Pendant Sale price$503.80
Eucli, 6 Lt. Pendant UttermostEucli, 6 Lt. Pendant Uttermost
Eucli, 6 Lt. Pendant Sale price$917.40
Landing Mini Pendant UttermostLanding Mini Pendant Uttermost
Landing Mini Pendant Sale price$239.80
Adastras Hammered Brass 1 Lt. Pendant UttermostAdastras Hammered Brass 1 Lt. Pendant Uttermost
Three Light Cluster Pendant UttermostThree Light Cluster Pendant Uttermost
Three Light Cluster Pendant Sale price$1,053.80
Brookdale 1 Light Pendent UttermostBrookdale 1 Light Pendent Uttermost
Brookdale 1 Light Pendent Sale price$259.60
Campseter Watered Glass Mini Pendent UttermostCampseter Watered Glass Mini Pendent Uttermost
Floating Sphere Pendant UttermostFloating Sphere Pendant Uttermost
Floating Sphere Pendant Sale price$402.60
Shamrock Green Glass 1 Light Pendant UttermostShamrock Green Glass 1 Light Pendant Uttermost
Eichler Antique Brass 1 Light Mini Pendant UttermostEichler Antique Brass 1 Light Mini Pendant Uttermost
Saugus Industrial 1 Light Pendant UttermostSaugus Industrial 1 Light Pendant Uttermost
Pendleton 4 Light Island Pendant UttermostPendleton 4 Light Island Pendant Uttermost


Illuminate your space with style and grace using Modest Hut's collection of Pendants. These hanging light fixtures combine functionality and aesthetics, becoming captivating focal points in any room. Each pendant is meticulously crafted, featuring modern designs, premium materials, and exquisite details. Whether you prefer sleek and minimalist or bold and artistic, our Pendants offer a perfect balance of form and function. Experience the beauty of contemporary lighting and create an ambiance that reflects your unique style with our curated selection.