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Article: Interior Design Projects

Interior Design Projects

Interior Design Projects

Interior designing refers to the art of designing the interior of a house, building, or any infrastructure. It’s a long and tedious job requiring a certain amount of time-based on the size of the project. There are several interior design phases; each has its time-frame considering the factors.

On average, an full interior design project for your house can take about a year to complete, provided that things go as planned. However, a smaller project for a room redesign will take up to a few weeks only.

 You need to consider these four stages of the interior designing process and accordingly decide when you wish to initiate the interior design project.


Three Stages of an Interior Design Project

  • Making a space plan and list down the items needed

It’s time for some action and put thoughts into paper. Design boards are used to showcase your plan having samples of fabric, and furniture used. It’s the best way to provide a visual representation of the project. Consider sketching your desired design, choosing your furniture and measuring the area to see if it will fit where you'd like.


  • Buying and ordering the furniture

Order your products from the store based on the ones you selected on your list. This phase is time-consuming because it takes time for furnishings and products to arrive. It is however unavoidable so you must wait patiently while dreaming of your future interior.


  • Installation
Now it’s time for some action, but before giving the space a makeover, there will be furniture that will need to be moved or donated to someone else. When that job is done, it’s time to clean up the area before new furniture is set. Lastly, simply use your sketches, notes and measurements to install the new furniture and you're all set!

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