Styling a Bed

Do you fancy perfectly laid out bedrooms that look luxurious just like those found in high-end hotels? With a little effort and creativity, you can transform your sleeping area into the bed of your dreams by adding details and layers! It’s all about textures and colors that makes the bed look welcoming and comfy.

Style your bed like a pro with these few golden tips!


  1. Add throws to your bed

Throw blankets are a great way to amp up your bedroom. It’s not only used to style lounges, but it can create a warm and luxurious feel to your bed. You can either go for a folded look or you could even go for a messy look. It’s up to you to decide which throw material you want to go for. A throw with tassels on the ends would add a sense of drama.

  1. Add some variation to cushions

Cushions come in different sizes and shapes. Using odd number of cushions can make your bed look great. Put two cushions, one on each side, followed by one in the front middle. It’s always good to mix up shape, sizes and colors depending upon the bed-sheet or wall color. 

  1. Go for a minimalist look

You can’t go wrong with a simple white linen bed sheet along with four white pillows. Since white is a universal color, you can add versatility to your space by using colorful cushions that matches with the home furniture and wallpaper design.

  1. Add layers

Layer your bed sheet with quilt followed by your comforter. You can fold your duvet in half and drape it in a way so that your pillows and cushions are completely visible.

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