Maximalism is a modern movement which is based on the simplicity of a room, yet uses colors and patterns to create a visually stimulating area. This movement stems from a more “feminine” way of decorating a room, which invokes a warmer atmosphere. 

Like minimalism, it uses the brightness of natural light to open the actual space.  In opposition to minimalism, it uses a multitude of colors and patterns and textures on such things as throws and accent pillows to stimulate the eye and create more of a comfortable environment.

Decorative items such as bowls, lamps and wall canvases will also tend to have more creative colors depending on the personal style and aesthetic of the individual.  In many cases, the use of plants will be included in the decoration of such spaces to give it a natural feel. 

Marble, wood, tile, velvet, and crystal are examples of the many materials used to enhance each space. The basis of the area will be neutral colors such as brown, white, black and grey, yet the accent pieces will bring the comfort to the eye.  Many use the basis of midcentury and modern styles before adding their individualist preferences to the room. 

Though many prefer the sleek clean look of minimalism, the basis for maximalism is that, as humans, we tend to need a slight stress to feel at ease and not boring, distilled, or sad in a room without visual stimulation.  Maximalism is based on the emphasis of the individual’s style reflecting on their own experiences and culture.

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