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Article: Style Up a Shelf

Style Up a Shelf

Style Up a Shelf

Who says that you cannot decorate built-in home shelves to make them look aesthetically pleasing, as shown in magazines or Pinterest? Shelf styling is all about adding your personal touch to transform them from ordinary shelves to attractive racks that captivate the eye.

With simple tips and tricks, you can give your boring old shelves a whole new look.

  • Add books

Of course, bookshelves are meant for books, but to spice up the game, stack your books horizontally or vertically. Mix the positioning of the books on each shelf for more drama. You can also add an ornament on top of the lower stack.

  • Add decorations

 You can also add decorative items like souvenirs, picture frames, small lamps, or antique objects to complement your shelf.

  • Layer up items

Place larger objects at the back of the shelf, followed by small metallic objects or frames to layer up. This will make the shelf look intriguing and full.

  • Add baskets

You can add baskets on the lower shelves to store your necessities. You can tuck away the necessary items that you need on the go. Use boxes and containers to create repetition for a great impact.

  • Add objects of nature

If you are fond of nature’s beauty, why not make use of shelves to store plants. You can use brass pots or vessels to put flowers and display them. If you do not want to put real flowers, you can utilize artificial plants to give the same visual impact.


Style your shelves like a pro with these helpful tips!


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