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Thales Chandelier UttermostThales Chandelier Uttermost
Thales Chandelier Sale price$547.80
Elegant White Sycamore Table Lamp UttermostElegant White Sycamore Table Lamp Uttermost
Relic Aged Gold Table Lamp UttermostRelic Aged Gold Table Lamp Uttermost
Relic Aged Gold Table Lamp Sale price$362.50
Valka Chandelier UttermostValka Chandelier Uttermost
Valka Chandelier Sale price$1,251.80
Chet Sputnick Chandelier UttermostChet Sputnick Chandelier Uttermost
Chet Sputnick Chandelier Sale price$1,093.40
Lagos Table Lamp UttermostLagos Table Lamp Uttermost
Lagos Table Lamp Sale price$204.10
Obeliska Elegant Chandelier UttermostObeliska Elegant Chandelier Uttermost
Obeliska Elegant Chandelier Sale price$305.80
Sinclair White Table Lamp UttermostSinclair White Table Lamp Uttermost
Sinclair White Table Lamp Sale price$195.30
Nador Brass Pendant UttermostNador Brass Pendant Uttermost
Nador Brass Pendant Sale price$597.90
Atwood Wooden Linear Pendant UttermostAtwood Wooden Linear Pendant Uttermost
Pearsall Rustic Chandelier UttermostPearsall Rustic Chandelier Uttermost
Pearsall Rustic Chandelier Sale price$866.30
Myres Wooden Drum Pendant UttermostMyres Wooden Drum Pendant Uttermost
Myres Wooden Drum Pendant Sale price$833.80
Silken Pendant UttermostSilken Pendant Uttermost
Silken Pendant Sale price$437.80
Marlo Antique Chandelier UttermostMarlo Antique Chandelier Uttermost
Marlo Antique Chandelier Sale price$1,084.60
Marinotier Brass Chandelier UttermostMarinotier Brass Chandelier Uttermost
Marinotier Brass Chandelier Sale price$833.80
Woodall Wooden Drum Chandelier UttermostWoodall Wooden Drum Chandelier Uttermost
Woodall Wooden Drum Chandelier Sale price$1,045.00
Rosston Mini Pendant UttermostRosston Mini Pendant Uttermost
Rosston Mini Pendant Sale price$411.40
Woven Seagrass Dome Pendant UttermostWoven Seagrass Dome Pendant Uttermost
Woven Seagrass Dome Pendant Sale price$481.80
Cylinder 8 Light Pendant UttermostCylinder 8 Light Pendant Uttermost
Cylinder 8 Light Pendant Sale price$741.40
Holmes Geometric Pendant UttermostHolmes Geometric Pendant Uttermost
Holmes Geometric Pendant Sale price$494.50
Classic Ovala Pendant UttermostClassic Ovala Pendant Uttermost
Classic Ovala Pendant Sale price$413.60
Shimmering Gold Pendant UttermostShimmering Gold Pendant Uttermost
Shimmering Gold Pendant Sale price$562.70
Aarush 5 Light Cluster Pendant UttermostAarush 5 Light Cluster Pendant Uttermost
Mendota 1 Lt. Pendant UttermostMendota 1 Lt. Pendant Uttermost
Mendota 1 Lt. Pendant Sale price$365.20
Jarsdel Pendant UttermostJarsdel Pendant Uttermost
Jarsdel Pendant Sale price$281.60
Venteux Pendant UttermostVenteux Pendant Uttermost
Venteux Pendant Sale price$424.60
Gemblue Pendant UttermostGemblue Pendant Uttermost
Gemblue Pendant Sale price$297.00
Whitten Sconce UttermostWhitten Sconce Uttermost
Whitten Sconce Sale price$369.60
Jarsdel Sconce UttermostJarsdel Sconce Uttermost
Jarsdel Sconce Sale price$259.60
Brambleton Bronze Sconce UttermostBrambleton Bronze Sconce Uttermost
Brambleton Bronze Sconce Sale price$277.20

Modern Lighting

Illuminate your space with the funky and unique designs of Modest Hut's collection of Modern Lighting. These captivating fixtures combine innovative shapes, bold aesthetics, and cutting-edge technology to create a one-of-a-kind lighting experience. Each modern lighting piece is meticulously crafted, featuring unconventional forms, vibrant colors, and eye-catching materials. Whether you're looking for a funky pendant light, a unique floor lamp, or an unconventional wall sconce, our collection offers a wide range of options to transform your space with style and individuality. Experience the vibrant and distinctive charm of our curated selection of Modern Lighting and light up your interior in a truly remarkable way.