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Rene Vanity Fixture UttermostRene Vanity Fixture Uttermost
Rene Vanity Fixture Sale price$492.80
Strathmore Gray Marble Table Lamp UttermostStrathmore Gray Marble Table Lamp Uttermost
Whiteout Table Lamp UttermostWhiteout Table Lamp Uttermost
Whiteout Table Lamp Sale price$424.10
Mondorian Table Lamp UttermostMondorian Table Lamp Uttermost
Mondorian Table Lamp Sale price$373.50
Maxine Midcentury Chandelier UttermostMaxine Midcentury Chandelier Uttermost
Maxine Midcentury Chandelier Sale price$1,375.00
White Glass Table Lamp UttermostWhite Glass Table Lamp Uttermost
White Glass Table Lamp Sale price$451.00
Cross Weave Pendant UttermostCross Weave Pendant Uttermost
Cross Weave Pendant Sale price$855.80
Goccia Tear Drop Chandelier UttermostGoccia Tear Drop Chandelier, 6 Lt. Uttermost
Felipe Gray Table Lamp UttermostFelipe Gray Table Lamp Uttermost
Felipe Gray Table Lamp Sale price$410.90
Felipe Gray Table Lamp UttermostFelipe Gray Table Lamp Uttermost
Felipe Gray Table Lamp Sale price$393.30
Burleson Natural Twine Pendant UttermostBurleson Natural Twine Pendant Uttermost
Concrete Vaeshon Table Lamp UttermostConcrete Vaeshon Table Lamp Uttermost
Concrete Vaeshon Table Lamp Sale price$393.80
Blown Glass Calixx Pendant UttermostBlown Glass Calixx Pendant Uttermost
Blown Glass Calixx Pendant Sale price$525.80
Imbuton 1 Light Pendant UttermostImbuton 1 Light Pendant Uttermost
Imbuton 1 Light Pendant Sale price$503.80
Rondure Sphere Floor Lamp UttermostRondure Sphere Floor Lamp Uttermost
Rondure Sphere Floor Lamp Sale price$547.30
Mari Gold Table Lamp UttermostMari Gold Table Lamp Uttermost
Mari Gold Table Lamp Sale price$424.60
Eucli, 6 Lt. Pendant UttermostEucli, 6 Lt. Pendant Uttermost
Eucli, 6 Lt. Pendant Sale price$917.40
Callis Table Lamp UttermostCallis Table Lamp Uttermost
Callis Table Lamp Sale price$404.80
Cordate Table Lamp UttermostCordate Table Lamp Uttermost
Cordate Table Lamp Sale price$415.80
Landing Mini Pendant UttermostLanding Mini Pendant Uttermost
Landing Mini Pendant Sale price$239.80
Graytone Frosted Glass Table Lamp UttermostGraytone Frosted Glass Table Lamp Uttermost
Polished Nickel Floor Lamp UttermostPolished Nickel Floor Lamp Uttermost
Polished Nickel Floor Lamp Sale price$591.80
Keok Stainless Steel Table Lamp UttermostKeok Stainless Steel Table Lamp Uttermost
Adastras Hammered Brass 1 Lt. Pendant UttermostAdastras Hammered Brass 1 Lt. Pendant Uttermost
Volant Table Lamp UttermostVolant Table Lamp Uttermost
Volant Table Lamp Sale price$292.10
Mirrors | Allstar Table Lamp - Modern Home DecorAllstar Black Marble Table Lamp Uttermost
Three Light Cluster Pendant UttermostThree Light Cluster Pendant Uttermost
Three Light Cluster Pendant Sale price$1,053.80
Lente White Table Lamp UttermostLente White Table Lamp Uttermost
Lente White Table Lamp Sale price$378.40
Save $145.50Oliva Table Lamp UttermostOliva Table Lamp Uttermost
Oliva Table Lamp Sale price$239.50 Regular price$385.00
Save $25.50Freid Ceramic Table Lamp UttermostFreid Ceramic Table Lamp Uttermost
Freid Ceramic Table Lamp Sale price$299.50 Regular price$325.00

Modern Lighting

Illuminate your space with the funky and unique designs of Modest Hut's collection of Modern Lighting. These captivating fixtures combine innovative shapes, bold aesthetics, and cutting-edge technology to create a one-of-a-kind lighting experience. Each modern lighting piece is meticulously crafted, featuring unconventional forms, vibrant colors, and eye-catching materials. Whether you're looking for a funky pendant light, a unique floor lamp, or an unconventional wall sconce, our collection offers a wide range of options to transform your space with style and individuality. Experience the vibrant and distinctive charm of our curated selection of Modern Lighting and light up your interior in a truly remarkable way.