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Article: Art Deco Influence in Contemporary Furniture Design | Modest Hut

Art Deco Influence in Contemporary Furniture Design | Modest Hut

Art Deco Influence in Contemporary Furniture Design | Modest Hut

Explore the resurgence of Art Deco's iconic style in today's furniture designs with Modest Hut, where past elegance meets present innovation.

The Art Deco Era: A Historical Overview

The Art Deco movement, known for its luxurious and geometric designs, originated in the 1920s and 1930s. It represented modernism turned into fashion, with its bold geometric patterns, rich colors, and lavish ornamentation. It was a stark contrast to the flowing curves of its predecessor, Art Nouveau.

Art Deco's influence extended beyond architecture and interior design to fashion, art, and even automobiles. Its hallmark traits of opulence and symmetry remain timeless, inspiring modern designers to reimagine these concepts for contemporary living.


White Geometric Coffee Table


Volker White Geometric Coffee Table

Art Deco's Hallmarks in Modern Design

Today's furniture designers draw inspiration from Art Deco's signature elements:

  • Geometric Shapes: The use of sharp angles and clean lines echoes in many contemporary pieces.
  • Luxurious Materials: Just like in the Deco era, the use of high-end materials like marble, brass, and velvet adds a touch of luxury to modern furniture.
  • Bold Patterns: Striking patterns and bold, symmetrical designs of Art Deco are seen in modern textiles and decor elements.
  • Glamorous Colors: Rich and vibrant colors are characteristic of Art Deco and are used to make a statement in contemporary designs.

For a deep dive into the essence of Art Deco design, the Metropolitan Museum of Art provides an extensive look at the historical significance of this style.

Marble Base Brass Plated Accent Table

Integrating Art Deco in Contemporary Spaces

Integrating Art Deco elements into a modern home requires a balance between vintage glamour and current trends. This can be achieved by:

  • Selecting statement pieces that capture the essence of Art Deco's grandeur.
  • Incorporating accent pieces with inlays, gold tones, and rich colors.
  • Using light fixtures and mirrors with characteristic Art Deco geometries.
  • Adding textiles with bold, symmetrical patterns.

Visit our Art Deco Inspired Collection to find pieces that celebrate the marriage of Art Deco charm and contemporary functionality.

Alexa Sleek Gold Square Mirrors

Art Deco in Contemporary Furniture Collections

Modest Hut's furniture collections pay homage to the Art Deco movement while staying grounded in modernity. Our carefully curated pieces feature streamlined silhouettes, geometric shapes, and a touch of the Deco-era opulence.

From luxe velvet sofas to polished brass fixtures, every item in our collection is a nod to the timeless aesthetic of the 20s and 30s, reimagined for the modern home. To see how Art Deco's influence has shaped contemporary design, consider the Design Museum's resources on the topic.

Preserving the Art Deco Legacy

As we embrace the future of home design, it's important to preserve the rich legacy of Art Deco. Through education, restoration, and adaptation, we can continue to appreciate this historical style. Organizations like the Art Deco Society are dedicated to the preservation of Deco heritage.

By choosing Art Deco-inspired contemporary furniture, you're not just making a style statement—you're keeping a piece of artistic history alive in your home.


Art Deco's unmistakable flair for the dramatic continues to influence designers and homeowners alike. At Modest Hut, we embrace this rich tradition with our modern takes on Deco-inspired furniture, helping you to make a statement that transcends time.

Discover the perfect blend of past and present in our collections and let the spirit of Art Deco elevate your home decor. Begin your journey to a more glamorous home at Modest Hut.

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