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Article: Modern Home Design

Modern Home Design - Modest Hut

Modern Home Design

Modern home designs are inspired from Scandinavian and German design that became popular in the early 20th century. It isn’t just a single style, rather a spectrum of designs ranging from bright interior designing and a minimalist look at the same time.

Here is why architects absolutely love modern interior designs:

  1. Lighting

Modern home designs emphasizes more on natural light than artificial light. Therefore, large glass windows or transparent doors are particularly used to enjoy the view of the outside and enjoy the outdoor scene.

  1. Built-in Shelves

You can showcase your decorative objects, frames, and collectibles using the built-in shelves that gives a visual impact. You don’t have to clutter your room with excessive home furniture when you can utilize you shelves to give a fuller look.

  1. Kitchen

Modern kitchen designs includes simple cabinets and counters with single color theme. Apart from that, you can move the kitchen into the living area so that the natural light can be accessible, making the kitchen airy and open.

  1. Simplistic design

The simple the better. You can chose colors like black, white and beige as your main color palette since modern home design focuses on natural materials like steel and plywood. If you want to go for bold colors, you don’t have to throw color to the entire wall. Instead color the focal points bold while covering the rest with neutral colors to give a relaxing feel to the room.

  1. Space

Modern home designs are spacious so you don’t have to crowd your home with excessive furniture to make it look cramped. Allow fresh air and natural light to pass through your home.


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