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Uphill Modern Bench UttermostUphill Modern Bench Uttermost
Uphill Modern Bench Sale price$657.80
Waylon Modern Bench UttermostWaylon Modern Bench Uttermost
Waylon Modern Bench Sale price$767.80
Olivier Accent Bench UttermostOlivier Accent Bench Uttermost
Olivier Accent Bench Sale price$723.80
Chandos Modern Bench UttermostChandos Modern Bench Uttermost
Chandos Modern Bench Sale price$877.80
Blake Round Ottoman UttermostBlake Round Ottoman Uttermost
Blake Round Ottoman Sale price$888.80
Edie Plush Ottoman UttermostEdie Plush Ottoman Uttermost
Edie Plush Ottoman Sale price$411.40
Farran Ottoman UttermostFarran Ottoman Uttermost
Farran Ottoman Sale price$358.60
Zelia Ottoman UttermostZelia Ottoman Uttermost
Zelia Ottoman Sale price$371.80
Bijou Modern Bench UttermostBijou Modern Bench Uttermost
Bijou Modern Bench Sale price$759.00
Reclaimed Wood Handcrafted Herbert Bench UttermostReclaimed Wood Handcrafted Herbert Bench Uttermost
Lavi Industrial Concrete Bench UttermostLavi Industrial Concrete Bench Uttermost
Navine Ottoman Pouf UttermostNavine Ottoman Pouf Uttermost
Navine Ottoman Pouf Sale price$217.80
Firth Bench White UttermostFirth Bench White Uttermost
Firth Bench White Sale price$402.60
Firth Bench Navy UttermostFirth Bench Navy Uttermost
Firth Bench Navy Sale price$402.60
Arne Scandinavian Style Bench UttermostArne Scandinavian Style Bench Uttermost
Firth Long White Bench UttermostFirth Long White Bench Uttermost
Firth Long White Bench Sale price$712.80
Hoop Small Gold Bench UttermostHoop Small Gold Bench Uttermost
Hoop Small Gold Bench Sale price$455.40
Paradox Iron & Fabric Bench UttermostParadox Iron & Fabric Bench Uttermost
Paradox Iron & Fabric Bench Sale price$686.40
Davenport Modern Coastal Bench UttermostDavenport Modern Coastal Bench Uttermost
Farrah Geometric Bench UttermostFarrah Geometric Bench Uttermost
Farrah Geometric Bench Sale price$763.40
Plait Woven Leather Bench UttermostPlait Woven Leather Bench Uttermost
Plait Woven Leather Bench Sale price$864.60
Gumdrop Ottoman, Mustard UttermostGumdrop Ottoman, Mustard Uttermost
Gumdrop Ottoman, Mustard Sale price$283.80
Paradox Small Gold & White Shearling Bench UttermostParadox Small Gold & White Shearling Bench Uttermost
Braddock Striped Coastal Bench UttermostBraddock Striped Coastal Bench Uttermost
Small Braddock Striped Coastal Bench UttermostSmall Braddock Striped Coastal Bench Uttermost
Laguna Small Striped Bench UttermostLaguna Small Striped Bench Uttermost
Laguna Small Striped Bench Sale price$413.60
Hacienda Plush Latte Small Bench UttermostHacienda Plush Latte Small Bench Uttermost
Firth Rustic Navy Bench UttermostFirth Rustic Navy Bench Uttermost
Firth Rustic Navy Bench Sale price$723.80
Arne Woven Rattan Bench UttermostArne Woven Rattan Bench Uttermost
Arne Woven Rattan Bench Sale price$613.80
Avila Light Gray Ottoman UttermostAvila Light Gray Ottoman Uttermost
Avila Light Gray Ottoman Sale price$301.40
Crossing Small White Bench UttermostCrossing Small White Bench Uttermost
Crossing Small White Bench Sale price$512.60
Crossing Small Navy Bench UttermostCrossing Small Navy Bench Uttermost
Crossing Small Navy Bench Sale price$512.60
Laguna Small White Bench UttermostLaguna Small White Bench Uttermost
Laguna Small White Bench Sale price$413.60
Avenham Black Framed Bench UttermostAvenham Black Framed Bench Uttermost
Avenham Black Framed Bench Sale price$723.80
Avenham Small Gold Framed Bench UttermostAvenham Small Gold Framed Bench Uttermost
Avila Latte Round Ottoman UttermostAvila Latte Round Ottoman Uttermost
Avila Latte Round Ottoman Sale price$301.40
Woodstock Mid-Century Bench UttermostWoodstock Mid-Century Bench Uttermost
Woodstock Mid-Century Bench Sale price$701.80
Laguna Small Navy Bench UttermostLaguna Small Navy Bench Uttermost
Laguna Small Navy Bench Sale price$413.60
Avenham Small Black Framed Bench UttermostAvenham Small Black Framed Bench Uttermost
Jacobsen Modern Gray Bench UttermostJacobsen Modern Gray Bench Uttermost
Jacobsen Modern Gray Bench Sale price$1,097.80
Arles White Shearling Ottoman UttermostArles White Shearling Ottoman Uttermost
Olivier Modern Black Bench UttermostOlivier Modern Black Bench Uttermost
Olivier Modern Black Bench Sale price$715.00
Dressing Room Bench Park HillDressing Room Bench Park Hill
Dressing Room Bench Sale price$1,160.00
Gumdrop Cow Hide Ottoman UttermostGumdrop Cow Hide Ottoman Uttermost
Gumdrop Cow Hide Ottoman Sale price$283.80
Avila Tweed Round Ottoman UttermostAvila Tweed Round Ottoman Uttermost
Avila Tweed Round Ottoman Sale price$301.40
Socialite White Small Bench UttermostSocialite White Small Bench Uttermost
Socialite White Small Bench Sale price$426.80
Paddock Rustic Bench UttermostPaddock Rustic Bench Uttermost
Paddock Rustic Bench Sale price$459.80
Avila White Ottoman UttermostAvila White Ottoman Uttermost
Avila White Round Ottoman Sale price$305.80

Modern Benches & Ottomans

Modest Hut's benches and ottomans combine premium quality materials with modern styles for a one-of-a kind look. From plush seating to upholstered footrests, these pieces come in plenty of different shapes and forms that will suit your every need!