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Braddock Coastal Counter Stool UttermostBraddock Coastal Counter Stool Uttermost
Small Braddock Striped Coastal Bench UttermostSmall Braddock Striped Coastal Bench Uttermost
Braddock Striped Coastal Bench UttermostBraddock Striped Coastal Bench Uttermost
Braddock Coastal Accent Table UttermostBraddock Coastal Accent Table Uttermost
Stassi Gold Serving Cart UttermostStassi Gold Serving Cart Uttermost
Stassi Gold Serving Cart Sale price$481.80
Henzler Mirrored Glass Coffee Table UttermostHenzler Mirrored Glass Coffee Table Uttermost
Fine Line Accent Table UttermostFine Line Accent Table Uttermost
Fine Line Accent Table Sale price$525.80
Auley Wall Shelf UttermostAuley Wall Shelf Uttermost
Auley Wall Shelf Sale price$600.10
Rora Round Coffee Table UttermostRora Round Coffee Table Uttermost
Rora Round Coffee Table Sale price$921.80
Teddy Natural Accent Chair UttermostTeddy Natural Accent Chair Uttermost
Teddy Natural Accent Chair Sale price$1,317.80
Gumdrop Ottoman, Mustard UttermostGumdrop Ottoman, Mustard Uttermost
Gumdrop Ottoman, Mustard Sale price$283.80
Natural Encore Counter Stool UttermostNatural Encore Counter Stool Uttermost
Correne Nesting Tables UttermostCorrene Nesting Tables Uttermost
Coreene Nesting Tables Sale price$371.80
Save $309.50Satin Black Iron Console Table UttermostSatin Black Iron Console Table Uttermost
Satin Black Iron Console Table Sale price$339.50 Regular price$649.00
Save $259.50Iron Gold Console Table UttermostIron Gold Console Table Uttermost
Iron Gold Console Table Sale price$339.50 Regular price$599.00
Holston Salvaged Wood Console Table UttermostHolston Salvaged Wood Console Table Uttermost
Plait Woven Leather Accent Chair UttermostPlait Woven Leather Accent Chair Uttermost
Aragon Stone Gray Console Table UttermostAragon Stone Gray Console Table Uttermost
Firth Long White Bench UttermostFirth Long White Bench Uttermost
Firth Long White Bench Sale price$690.80
Maiva Black Mango Wood Dining Table UttermostMaiva Black Mango Wood Dining Table Uttermost
Haley Black Steel Console Table UttermostHaley Black Steel Console Table Uttermost
Charcoal Adrian Accent Chair UttermostCharcoal Adrian Accent Chair Uttermost
Solid Wood Armin Accent Table UttermostSolid Wood Armin Accent Table Uttermost
Vail Console Table UttermostVail Console Table Uttermost
Vail Console Table Sale price$2,145.00
Bertrand Accent Table UttermostBertrand Accent Table Uttermost
Bertrand Accent Table Sale price$437.80
Laurier Accent Table UttermostLaurier Accent Table Uttermost
Laurier Accent Table Sale price$275.00
Barnetter Nesting Coffee Table UttermostBarnetter Nesting Coffee Table Uttermost
Barnetter Nesting Coffee Table Sale price$1,181.40
Telone Coffee Table UttermostTelone Coffee Table Uttermost
Telone Coffee Table Sale price$1,155.00
Telone Console Table UttermostTelone Console Table Uttermost
Telone Console Table Sale price$1,265.00
Telone Side Table UttermostTelone Side Table Uttermost
Telone Side Table Sale price$371.30

Luxury Furniture

Indulge in the opulence and refinement of Modest Hut's collection of Luxury Furniture. These exquisite pieces redefine sophistication and elevate your living spaces to new heights. Each furniture item is meticulously crafted with the finest materials, showcasing impeccable craftsmanship and timeless design. From luxurious sofas to elegant dining sets and iconic accent pieces, our Luxury Furniture collection epitomizes grandeur and exclusivity. Experience the ultimate in comfort, style, and elegance as you create an atmosphere of luxury and prestige in your home.