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Philosopher Gold Console Table Uttermost
Kendry Solid Wood Coffee Table UttermostKendry Solid Wood Coffee Table Uttermost
Kendry Solid Wood Coffee Table Sale price$1,484.50
Rora Round Accent Table UttermostRora Round Accent Table Uttermost
Rora Round Accent Table Sale price$371.30
Waylon Ivory Bench UttermostWaylon Ivory Bench Uttermost
Waylon Ivory Bench Sale price$745.30
Teak Maze Console Table UttermostTeak Maze Console Table Uttermost
Teak Maze Console Table Sale price$877.30
Abide Rounded Sheepskin Sofa UttermostAbide Rounded Sheepskin Sofa Uttermost
Abide Rounded Sheepskin Sofa Sale price$2,166.50
Knoll Accent Chair UttermostKnoll Accent Chair Uttermost
Trolly Bar Console UttermostTrolly Bar Console Uttermost
Trolly Bar Console Sale price$1,066.50
Surround Sark Walnut Coffee Table UttermostSurround Sark Walnut Coffee Table Uttermost
Elevate Coffee Table Park HillElevate Coffee Table Park Hill
Elevate Black Coffee Table Sale price$582.50
Connor Counter Stool UttermostConnor Counter Stool Uttermost
Abide Sheepskin Accent Chair UttermostAbide Sheepskin Accent Chair Uttermost
Abide Sheepskin Accent Chair Sale price$1,205.10
Montrez Side Table UttermostMontrez Side Table Uttermost
Montrez Side Table Sale price$459.30
Aurelie Etagere UttermostAurelie Etagere Uttermost
Aurelie Silver Etagere Sale price$1,031.30
Save $183.50Stratford Coffee Table UttermostStratford Rustic Coffee Table Uttermost
Stratford Rustic Coffee Table Sale price$1,616.50 Regular price$1,800.00
Haley Silver Console Table UttermostHaley Silver Console Table Uttermost
Haley Silver Console Table Sale price$503.30
Hanford Side Table UttermostHanford Side Table Uttermost
Haley Gold Console Table UttermostHaley Gold Console Table Uttermost
Haley Gold Console Table Sale price$503.30
Affinity Console Table, 2 Cartons UttermostAffinity Console Table Uttermost
Brazos Gray Counter Stool UttermostBrazos Gray Counter Stool Uttermost
Brazos Gray Counter Stool Sale price$745.30
Capra Sofa UttermostCapra Sofa Uttermost
Capra Sofa Sale price$2,364.50
Teddy Latte Accent Chair UttermostTeddy Latte Accent Chair Uttermost
Teddy Latte Accent Chair Sale price$1,317.30
Inverse White Marble Drink Table UttermostInverse White Marble Drink Table Uttermost
Natural Encore Armchair UttermostNatural Encore Armchair Uttermost
Natural Encore Armchair Sale price$1,163.30
Sophie 4 Door Cabinet UttermostSophie 4 Door Cabinet Uttermost
Sophie 4 Door Cabinet Sale price$1,535.10
Layton Console Table UttermostLayton Geometric Console Cabinet Uttermost
Rora Open Coffee Table UttermostRora Open Coffee Table Uttermost
Rora Open Coffee Table Sale price$802.50
Woodstock Mid-Century Bench UttermostWoodstock Mid-Century Bench Uttermost
Woodstock Mid-Century Bench Sale price$701.30
Conroy Olive Accent Chair UttermostConroy Olive Accent Chair Uttermost
Narissa Armless Chairs (S/2) UttermostNarissa Armless Chairs (S/2) Uttermost
Narissa Armless Chairs (S/2) Sale price$1,006.70

Luxury Furniture

Indulge in the opulence and refinement of Modest Hut's collection of Luxury Furniture. These exquisite pieces redefine sophistication and elevate your living spaces to new heights. Each furniture item is meticulously crafted with the finest materials, showcasing impeccable craftsmanship and timeless design. From luxurious sofas to elegant dining sets and iconic accent pieces, our Luxury Furniture collection epitomizes grandeur and exclusivity. Experience the ultimate in comfort, style, and elegance as you create an atmosphere of luxury and prestige in your home.